Your Challenge

Keeping up with on-going correspondence from insurance companies concerning credentialing and contracting isn’t as easy as you thought it’d be. The verbiage is unclear and the documents that need to go along with all this paper work are sometimes hard to find. Trying to search Google just doesn’t seem to help this time. So you call us.

Our Solution

HBS has team members dedicated to completing credentialing and contracting. Yes, it does take sometimes months (yes months) to complete. We’re there every step of the way keeping up with the process to ensure a forward motion. We deliver complete fee schedules and contracts once contracting has completed, and offer you a certificate once credentialing has processed.

The Benefits

Once credentialing is completed, you’ll be able to bill in network benefits for your patients! Once contracting has completed you will be able to be listed on the participating providers list each insurance company offers. Essentially, you’ll have more eyes seeing your name, than ever before.

  • Insurance Verifications
  • Billing diagnostic claims
  • Billing hearing aid claims
  • Billing patient statements
  • Insurance pre-certifications
  • HBS offers a flat rate on allowables (including hearing aids)
  • Controlling A/R
  • Consulting/Insurance advising
  • HIPAA compliance training for entire staff
  • Office Audit - HBS comes to your office and educates you on all insurance processes and an office walk through for HIPAA compliance.
  • Custom super bill
  • Custom new patient intake sheet
  • Waivers
  • Insurance verification form
  • Medical Records Request/Release
  • HIPAA privacy policy
  • Custom referral form
  • National Provider Identifier Number (NPI)
  • Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH)
  • CAQH re-attestation
  • Re-validations MCR & commercial insurance companies
  • Credentialing
  • Contracting
  • Contract & fee schedule review

Save Money with our Bundled Solutions

See Bundled Solutions

Bundled Solutions

Package services save money



  • 10 insurance verifications
  • 10 patient statements
  • A/R monthly spreadsheet report
  • Follow up on unpaid claims
  • Submit claims to insurance carriers
  • Post insurance payments



  • 15 insurance verifications
  • 15 patient statements
  • 2 hours consulting
  • 3 Pre-certifications
  • CAQH re-attestation



  • Unlimited insurance verifications
  • Unlimited patient statements
  • 4 hours consulting
  • Re -validation on pre-contracted commercial payers
  • $50 discount on credentialing fee for new payers*
  • 7 office forms - Custom form set

Required On-Boarding Meeting

One-time on-site fee for any plan (includes travel).

HBS will come to your office for a discovery meeting and learn trends of your claims submission, volume and invoicing needs, ensuring office paperwork is HIPAA compliant, any billing concerns you have right now, basic front desk how-to’s, front desk processes, verification of insurance processe, and finally we’ll set up processes between our office and yours to ensure success from A to Z.

Receive $500 off when scheduling a boot camp at the same time as your On-Boarding Meeting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us today for a solution tomorrow.

“I’m contracted with United Healthcare, but not sure what I can write off. How can I learn more about that?”

This would fall under our contract review service. We review all your contracts and fee schedules to determine your allowables.

I’m a newly graduated audiologist and not sure how to obtain a National Provider Number (NPI)?”

No problem at all. HBS is here to help you register and we’ll deliver your NPI upon completion.