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HBS offers 3 types of Billing Boot Camps and 1 Front Desk Boot Camp to Audiologist, Hearing Instrument Specialists, and their staff. Choose from 1, 2, or 3 days of training to help your audiology practice grow and thrive.

Which is Right for Me?

Which Boot Camp Is Right For You?

Realizing each practice has individual needs, we came up with three billing boot camps to accommodate every practice’s audiology billing needs.  The knowledge gained from these camps will leave your staff feeling empowered, thus ready for more success. In addition, learning how to keep up with A/R is essential, and we go over that in our camps as well.

We educate your front office staff on practices to help improve work flow and keep patients happy.

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Boot Camp Options 

Audiology Billing Boot Camps for Audiologist, Hearing Instrument Specialist, and their staff.

Not sure what plan to go with? Don’t be shy, say hi. We’ll help determine which plan best fits your needs.

Receive $500 off when booking two bootcamps at once OR when booking a boot camp with your On-Boarding Meeting!!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Front Desk

Boot Camp
  • Insurance basics
  • Billing cheats and short cuts
  • Office flow
  • Patient management
  • Brief claim filing overview
  • Patient interactions
  • Being a part of a team
  • Provider support
  • Patient recalls
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1 Day

Billing Boot Camp
  • Basic insurance overview
  • Basic code review
  • *HBS Billing Book fee per student – $250
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2 Day

Billing Boot Camp
  • Basic insurance overview
  • Complete code review
  • Samples of commonly used forms
  • Copy of HBS Billing Book (Max 10 books)
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How many people do you allow in your boot camps?

HBS occomodates offices both big and small. As of now, there isn't a limit to the number of people per camp. The more the merrier!

Do you have any special promotions for boot camps?

We do! Schedule a boot camp in conjuction with your On-Boarding Meeing and get $500 off!

Don't Be Shy, Say Hi!

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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